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Baby Lulu Kids

baby lulu kids

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  • Lulu is a 1914 Italian film directed by Augusto Genina.

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baby lulu kids - Lulu's Pajamas

Lulu's Pajamas

Lulu's Pajamas

Young Lulu has the best Mama and Papa in the world and the best pet ladybug, Lili-Poo. After her Mama tells her a story and her Papa sings a goodnight song, Lulu drifts gently off to sleep in her favorite soft-as-a-butterfly-kiss pajamas. In the morning she decides "never ever" to take them off again! What will she do when her friends laugh and her beloved pajamas show the scars of a busy day at school? Suddenly Lulu can hardly recognize her pajamas, and they sure don't smell like a pink dream anymore. Lulu's spirited, independent handling of a childhood rite of passage - choosing one's own clothes - will resonate with both children and parents. Irresistible illustrations and Lulu's note-perfect child's voice will make Lulu's Pajamas a bedtime favorite sure to become as well-worn as an old pair of pajamas.

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Her mother and father decided to give her a double name, and call her Lulu. I refused. I will call her Lucy, I will call her Luc, I will call her Lucy Lynn. I will not call her Lulu. It sounds too much like a dogs name.

Since she has turned out to be the only girl her mother seems to live in this ideal world where Lucy is going to wear pink frilly things and have tea parties. I hate to point this out to her, but Lucy has three male cousins and two brothers. She is never going to be a girly girl. She does have two female cousins, but isn't remotely interested in hanging out with the one closest in age to her. She kept asking me yesterday where the boys were, and jumping in puddles, and trying to play in mud, and she tried to lick water off the deck. What a strange child she is, but I love her.

Kids Lunch #39 ready to go!

Kids Lunch #39 ready to go!

I am back after a restful day spent with my hubby! I had much more energy with today's lunch and it looks so much better than the previous lunch! Thank goodness!

baby lulu kids

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